2021 July 06 – RX Box for RX antennas

July 06, 2021

Today I started working on the box to be placed outside.

The metal box measures 60x60x30cm, inside I applied an Ameritron 8in-1out remote switch.
On port 1 (ant1) I started to connect the power Bias-T of the active loop by Cross Country Wireless, a 20cm BNC-PL coax connects it to the switch.
I decided to use only crimped connectors on the shield and soldered on the central; over the crimp I apply a layer of liquid “plastidip” and subsequently heat sheath; on the joints I apply 3M self-agglomerating first and an insulating tape on top.

The box is installed about 1m agl, there is few if we consider the snow that will come this winter, most likely the box will be submerged but being under the snow it will protect itself from the harsh external temperatures (we can reach -30°C outside instead the -2/-5°C under the snow).
The box is connected to the ground by means of a 25mm metal rib, a 22mm copper tube has been inserted deep into the ground for 160cm.

The tracks in the ground are done, now I just have to lay the pipes where I will run the control cables.
The coax cable will be directly buried and the shield will be grounded by means of copper rods every 5m.
(next to the box is possible to see the tripod that I use temporarily for the 20m vertical dipole that will be removed shortly)