2021 July 07 – Beverage and BOG … let’s start with the boxes

July 07, 2021

Cloudy day and with a strong wind today.
This morning as soon as I got up I improved the ground of the 110m longwire with two additional 22mm ground rods 120cm long each in the ground, I then welded the earth connections on the RX cable every 5m (the cable will then be buried and connected to the ground every 5m by means of ground rods from 1m) …. at this point I decided to close myself in the workshop and start working on the beverage and BOG boxes.

The plastic boxes must contain only the transformer wound on binocular ferrite, that of the beverage 450: 50 Ohm while that of the BOG 200: 50 Ohm so I ordered 10 boxes of 50x30x20mm which will then be fixed directly on the ground bar.
Always the same boxes will be used for the non-inductive resistances to be placed at the termination of the antennas.
All the connections, on the inside of the box, are covered with black construction putty suitable for low temperatures.

The same putty will eventually be used to seal the boxes and make them waterproof.